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  May 25, 2020 107

Luhui Yan was invited to YGT Talk

23 May 2020, 5th YGT Talk live started. Chen Xin from SBCVC presented the topic about corporations’  and opportunities under the risks. Luhui Yan from Carbonstop and  Li Xia from Chengxinnuo join in the roundtable discussion. This event was jointly hosted by SBCVC、GREENROOT DEVELOPMENT, DBS, DBS Foundation, RESTONE CAPITAL. Luhui's speak mainly focused on the current challenges under COVID-19. Project extension, Budget adjustment and possibly cancellation  and work from home were all the challenges we faced. Carbonstop's solution included: 1. update on every week meeting; 2. fight the difficulty with optimistic mind; 3. strategic adjustment: more time and work for basis: database collection and basic development. The unexpected pandemic has negative influence on many enterprises, change the challenge into opportunities and adjustment in time will alleviate the situation.

  April 27, 2020 316


目前,Covid-19在全球肆虐,全球200多个国家,300万人感染,混乱,苦难和损失遍布全球,没有人能置身事外。气候变化危机和当前疫情危机最大的共通之处在于,任何一个人的努力都无法减轻风险,除非所有人都采取行动。Covid-19的经验教训也许可以帮助我们来应对不断加剧的气候变化危机。 人类活动是环境问题的根源 由于Covid-19,工厂关闭,石油使用量暴跌,全球碳排放大大减少,之前困扰许久的环境问题被迅速解决。 在处于疫情重灾区的意大利,由于居家隔离和游客数量的减少,威尼斯运河的河水变清了,撒丁岛罕见地见到海豚的出现,特莱维许愿池迎来了新的游客,一对水鸟。    图 威尼斯运河疫情前后    图 特莱维许愿池疫情前后 相信科学 Covid-19展示了相信科学的重要性。流行病学家不断警告病毒在全球范围内传播的可能性,这不是一个“if”的问题,而是“when”的问题。但是,在大多数情况下,这些话都被人们选择性的忽视。 同样,气候科学家数十年来一直警告全球供暖威胁巨大的灾难。流行病也许会促使人们采取更为科学,更为迫切的应对气候变化的方法。气候变化将对人类生活产生更大,更持久的调整。汹涌的大海将导致数百万沿海居民流离失所。洪水和干旱将造成农业破坏和严重的粮食短缺,人们将不得不适应一个又一个不断变化的现实问题。 合作才能共赢 Covid-19,和气候变化一样,无国界,也无法区分国界。各国无法独善其身,单打独斗,来对抗这种病毒。因此,国际行动与合作至关重要。 事实证明,在国家和国际层面上,领导力和政策的明确性对于对抗冠状病毒至关重要。在最初的失败之后,中国和韩国采取了严格而全面的制度来控制这一流行病,而且,也同其他国家分享了他们的经验,提供了帮助和合作机会。 然而,不幸的是,一些国家独断专横,既不同其他国家进行合作,也不学习别国的经验教训,目空一切,最后采取了错误的方式来应对疫情。 在美国,特朗普曾视全球变暖为骗局,并让美国退出《巴黎协定》。在Covid-19爆发初期,特朗普又以类似的态度,忽视和处理疫情。尽管事后,特朗普调整了政策,但却浪费了宝贵的时间。截止目前,美国累计确诊逼近100万,美国现已成为  Covid-19的世界中心。 在巴西,博尔索纳罗(他同样也拒绝相信气候变化)将Covid-19描述为幻想,认为只是普通感冒,并暗示这是中国削弱其他国家经济的阴谋,对疫情不作为。目前,他因为消极抗疫而陷入政治孤立。 总结 当前的经济模式是气候危机和全球其他危机的根本原因。当前的经济模式重视眼前的收益,而忽视了未来成本,它基于利润优化和股东价值,而很少关注外部性。Covid-19清楚地说明了利润优化产生的危险。由于生产,加工和分销价格便宜且低于标准,导致了传染病的发生,而对更多,更便宜生产的追求创造了庞大的商品和人员分销网络,使病毒得以快速传播。制定有关标准和采取相关预防措施尽管会带来额外的成本和麻烦,但和传染病爆发造成的损失相比,这些都显得微不足道。 气候变化具有相同的根本原因。只要不用承担外部性负担,企业就会尽可能多地生产和消费以满足人们过多的生活方式需求。在这种情况下,采取如碳排放交易市场或碳税的一些措施,也许并不完美,但却是推动气候变化外部性的一个良好的开始。 展望 为应对气候变化,Covid-19以及正在进行中的其他产生外部性的活动,我们需要建立一种新的经济体系,该经济体系应能解决外部因素的问题。这种新的体系需要有新的生产方法和技术,最重要的是,需要有来自消费者更适度的要求。我们已拥有建立新经济和新社会的一切基础,所有的乐高积木都摆在我们面前,如果采取了正确的措施,一个更美好,更公正的世界可能就在不远的将来。

  April 3, 2020 53

China strives to meet 2020 greening goals as COVID-19 outbreak eases

BEIJING, April 3 (Xinhua) -- China's efforts to afforest about a quarter of its land remain resolute as the annual tree planting day of the capital city Beijing falls on Saturday amid dwindling cases of locally transmitted cases of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) nationwide. The country plans to increase the afforested areas by 101 million mu (about 6.7 million hectares) by the end of this year, in order to fulfill a long-term afforestation plan of increasing forest coverage rate to 23.04 percent by 2020, and to 26 percent by 2035. Forest coverage rate stood at 22.96 percent by mid-March. The epidemic will not substantially affect China's afforestation progress this year, said Zhang Jianguo, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Forestry. He noted that current horticultural technology allows for far longer periods in a year suitable for planting trees. Even so, many people across China have rolled up their sleeves to try to make up for being days behind the greening schedule. Trees most suitable to grow in spring, like smoke bush and apricot, were planted first to save time, while migrant workers in provinces like Jiangxi and Hebei who could not return to their workplaces due to travel restrictions were recruited to further the cause. During China's annual National Tree Planting Day on March 12, when many quarantine rules were still in place, municipalities nationwide kept shovels wielding with innovative touches. Southwest China's Chongqing instructed volunteers to keep "a safe distance" from each other when planting trees, while other cities assembled small groups of volunteers to plant trees on behalf of hundreds of public-spirited residents. Chongqing ended up adding 230,000 trees to its green expanse on this year's Arbor Day, local data showed. Local governments have sought to facilitate work resumption for horticultural projects, with the city of Qinhuangdao in Hebei connecting suppliers with construction firms in the absence of its annual seedling trade fair that was canceled over COVID-19 concerns. As there is no quarantining of love for nature, those who were unable to plant trees themselves have chipped in through "cloud planting." The country's internet-based greening campaign allows residents to adopt trees by paying due contributions online or garner enough credits on the mobile payment app Alipay by performing low-carbon activities like renting a bike or taking public transportation in exchange for a real tree to be nurtured in their names. "I hope to see my eight-year-old grandson grow up with the seedling I adopted and to teach him about protecting the environment," said Cai, a 60-year-old Shanghai local who adopted a magnolia tree in the city's botanical garden. China has vowed to maintain its efforts to promote greening despite the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, as was reflected in an earlier State Council circular urging region-specific approach in the respect. Official data showed the country had fulfilled 12.9 percent of the annual afforestation target by early March, and 92 percent of forest enterprises outside the COVID-19 hardest-hit Hubei Province had resumed business activities by March 22. Source: Renmin Author: Xinhua Date: April 03, 2020

  June 2, 2020 75

UPS to offset carbon footprint of its June shipments

UPS announced the company will commemorate World Environment Day on June 5 by matching the carbon offsets of all packages shipped via its carbon neutral program during the month of June. UPS carbon neutral counterbalances the estimated carbon impact of each shipment by purchasing certified carbon offsets. To participate, shippers pay a small fee to offset the carbon footprint of shipping their packages then UPS will match these offsets throughout June. This is essentially doubling the shipper’s impact thereby allowing the shipper to potentially net out “carbon negative” in June. The per package flat rate price for the optional service is $0.05 for UPS® ground services and $0.20 for UPS Next Day Air®, UPS 2nd Day Air® and UPS 3 Day Select® services. “There is truly no better way to honor World Environment Day than to facilitate actions that will help the planet,” said Suzanne Lindsay-Walker, UPS chief sustainability officer (CSO) and vice president of environmental affairs. “UPS hopes to create more awareness about our carbon neutral shipping option so additional customers will take advantage of it, thus helping to fund large-scale carbon reduction programs and reduce the total carbon impact of shipping on the environment.” UPS started its carbon neutral program in 2010 and offsets more than 60 million packages annually for customers, which equates to more than 100,000 metric tonnes of carbon offset each year. UPS has supported projects worldwide that include forestation, landfill gas destruction, and wastewater treatment. UPS carbon neutral option is verified by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), an inspection, testing, and verification company. Additionally, UPS’s carbon offset process adheres to The CarbonNeutral Protocol from Natural Capital Partners. UPS’s carbon neutral offering is just one way the company is helping shippers reduce their impact on the environment. Customers can also choose more sustainable last mile delivery options and solutions designed for more efficient returns. One option is to direct packages to UPS Access Point® locations(such as The UPS Store, CVS pharmacy, Michaels or Advance Auto Parts) whereconsolidated deliveries can take place for multiple consumers preventing several delivery attempts to a single residence. On the returns front, UPS works with a company called Optoro, using its returns optimization platform that helps shippers maximize recovery value and reduce items going to landfills. Additionally, customers can participate in UPS’s Eco Responsible Packaging Program or UPS can conduct a carbon impact analysis on their shipping. Furthermore, customers benefit from the carbon reduction efforts UPS undertakes in its own operations. During the last decade, UPS has invested more than $1 billion on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles as well as supporting infrastructure. The company is now the largest user of renewable natural gas in the transportation industry and has a specialized alternative fuel and advanced technology fleet of more than 10,300 vehicles. Recently, UPS announced plans to purchase more than 6,000 natural gas trucks through 2022.  And, in January, UPS announced an investment in the UK-based technology startup firm Arrival and committed to buy 10,000 of their electric vehicles. UPS is an important part of its customers’ supply chains and continues to offer sustainability solutions that impact their value chains. Source:STAT Author:STAT Date:June 2, 2020

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