CS introduction

The carbon school is a focus on low carbon online communication and education platform. It is committed to making more people understand the topic of green low carbon, such as climate change and carbon market construction in a green and low carbon way, in order to help our country to practice the Paris agreement. We hope that the public, especially those with green low carbon related industries, can learn the knowledge they want to understand, share their experience and resources, answer questions and make common progress for the masses, and hope to increase people's awareness of the low carbon world by the carbon school and make green and low-carbon careers through the carbon school. People become experts in their respective fields, making people's daily life more low-carbon, green and healthy.
From the question, we look for the appropriate expert lecturers through the questions of the public interest, each of the questions to the case, and let the professional people take a few minutes to answer questions. At present, through the cooperation of well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad in the low carbon field, carbon school will continue to increase the variety and richness of the curriculum, and further improve the function of the carbon school, so that more and more people can share their professional knowledge and understand more intentional content.

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