Luhui Yan was invited to attend UN Science Policy Business Forum

  • Date: 2019-11-30

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  • 7 November 2019, Luhui Yan, CEO and founder of Carbonstop, was invited to attend UN Science Policy Business Forum Second Scoping Meeting and High Level Working Group on Big Data and Digital Ecosystem for the Planet in Canberra, Australia. Luhui did the presentation of "Creating a Culture of Accountability", sharing the contribution that Carbonstop had made in low-carbon big data and corporation carbon management.

    Data is one of the most important information source and business drivers nowadays.

    Low-carbon big data 

    In the field of low-carbon sustainable development, different stakeholders have common but different demands.

    For the government (including local government), sufficient and valid data (such as carbon emission of local corporation) is the basis of policy-making process, especially in the case of making scientific goal of carbon emission and related strategy.

    For corporations, they need to know their own emissions and the level of their industry in order to reduce the emission at the lowest cost and set a scientific goal.

    For the public, the decision of buying a low-carbon product requires more disclosure of carbon footprint from product.